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Moving Back from LA

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Moving back from LA…..by Daniel Murphy

I wrote this story some time ago but with the resent stories coming out of the West Coast I felt it was time to put it out again.

On father’s day a very lovely family came in for dinner.  They looked familiar and as we talked they told me they had just moved back from Los Angles to Rumson.  They had moved to LA 15 years ago to a beautiful area of LA but were moving back because of crime and overcrowding  in this exclusive area of LA

Overcrowding and crime was leading to children being robbed of cell phones on the street.  Men walking their dogs were also being accosted.  Homeless and illegals were constantly robbing houses. If your house was robbed it took the police three days to get to the complaint with no follow up.  Many celebrities live in the area and were hiring armed guards to protect their homes.  They decided to move back to Rumson while they could still sell their home. They had to hire and armed guard the day of moving to keep the truck from being robbed.

Sound crazy?  No this is what is what our country is coming to with the masses of homeless and immigrants from all over the world crossing the boarders with no walls.  In LA they could not pull up to a stop sign with seeing some urinating in the street.  A restaurant in downtown San Francisco with an outdoor cafe had a homeless defecating in the street in front of the outdoor cafe.

Well my fellow politicians keep going in the direction you’re going of sanctuary towns and states.  Free everything for everyone but US citizens.  So in your do anything to get Trump and get votes from everyone, prisoners, illegals and just about anyone you can snag to beat Trump the above conditions could be coming to our neighbor hoods and cities.

So to all politicians on both sides of the aisle  both Democrat ( which I  am) and all Republicans please focus on the issues that are crippling out country.  As to Trump, he is off the wall with his tweets firing back but he is is our president for now and if you can find someone to beat him in and election..it should be a strong leader that is not taking us to the far left. Someone that can continue to work on the things that Trump is working on. Some one that can stand up to other countries of the world.  That is the  feedback I am getting from most of the people I talk to.

Bielat Santore & Company’s “Who’s Who in the Restaurant Industry

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Red Bank, New Jersey restaurant, Danny’s Steakhouse and Sushi invites customers to their new Mad Men Lunch served every weekday


7 prime picks for a great steak at the Jersey Shore

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danny-appAt Danny’s, it hasn’t always been about the steak.

When Danny’s Italian opened in Red Bank in 1969, Danny Murphy served pasta and pizzas, preparing food inspired by his family’s history in the restaurant business.

Fast forward two decades, and Italian food was everywhere in the borough.

“I thought, there’s so many Italian restaurants,” Murphy said, “let me turn it into something else.

So he took a year to learn everything he could about great steaks.

“I went to every steakhouse in New York and every purveyor,” he said. “Most diners could never imagine what it takes to obtain and serve truly great steaks. That’s why it took a year to do the research.

“I wanted to design it like Peter Luger Steak House (in Brooklyn),” said Murphy, now 71. “I met Mrs. Luger and Mr. Luger, and eventually I turned Danny’s into a steakhouse.”

That was in 1989. These days, Murphy’s menu includes grass-fed rib-eyes and New York strip steaks from New Zealand, grilled filet mignon and rib eye; a dry-aged Porterhouse, and chateaubriand for two. The steaks are served alongside roasted garlic mashed potatoes, a baked Idaho potato, sweet potato fries or steak fries, and steamed broccoli.

“The steaks are everything today, from dry-aged to grass-fed to a great choice of prime cuts,” said Murphy, who has rigorous standards for his suppliers and doesn’t hesitate to send a steak back if it doesn’t meet them.

“They age the meat and cut it to my specifications, and the bottom line is if it’s not great, they get it right back,” he said.

Murphy said his filet mignon is the most popular steak he serves, followed by the rib-eye then the grass-fed offerings.

“As everybody’s aging, a healthy diet is extremely important,” he said. “(Grass-fed meat) has less fat and less cholesterol, no drugs of any kind. It’s great tasting, a little bit of different taste. It’s just a lot healthier for you.”

When it’s time to order, Murphy encourages diners to go for rare — if they can handle it — or medium rare, to truly enjoy the flavor of the meat.

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