Dannys Steakhouse

About Danny’s

Danny’s Bio

danny1If change is the only constant in life, then Danny Murphy exemplifies this adage as he has successfully and consistently evolved.

In 1949 Danny’s family moved to Red Bank from Hempstead, Long Island, NY. He was in the third grade at the Oakland Street School. And here is where his entrepreneurial roots began. To support the family, his mother opened the Friendly Luncheonette on West Front Street serving breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next eight years. Danny recalls the famous “blue plate specials” and yes, there was a blue plate.

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History of Danny’s

bldg-daytimeNearly forty years ago, insight and keen observation wedded in Red Bank – resulting not just in a restaurant but an institution. From its humble beginnings, the intimate eatery has burgeoned into one of Red Bank’s most storied restaurants. Danny’s is where luminaries from entertainment, sports and politics as well as the local public all share an intimate experience – a good meal, a good friend, a good conversation.

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Affirmations Danny’s Steakhouse

It was Christmas 1996. My family and another family in the neighborhood hired a caterer to prepare our Christmas dinners. Both families were relatively new in the area. The food was to be delivered Christmas Eve to both houses but the caterer never showed up. No one at the business address would even answer the phone. We tried to go to food markets to buy roasts and supplies but to our dismay every business was closed for the holidays. In a last ditch effort we decided to go to Red Bank on Christmas morning to see if we could locate a restaurant that would help us out.

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Danny’s Supports

Action is the foundational key to all success. – Pablo Picasso –

‘We are all artists crafting our own masterpieces. I believe that, as a business community, we create new concepts, redefine rules and pave new paths for future restaurateurs. We also position ourselves as a paradigm to the community to lead and support worthy causes. Leading by example, we enlighten and inspire.

That is my passion. – Danny –

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