Dannys Steakhouse

History of Danny’s

bldg-daytimeNearly forty nine years ago, insight and keen observation wedded in Red Bank – resulting not just in a restaurant but an institution. From its humble beginnings, the intimate eatery has burgeoned into one of Red Bank’s most storied restaurants. Danny’s is where luminaries from entertainment, sports and politics as well as the local public all share an intimate experience – a good meal, a good friend, a good conversation.

In the early 1900’s, the site was originally a firehouse and then converted to a bakery with a 96-ton Roman Arch brick oven that eventually was used in Danny’s Pizza Hut. (Eisner)…

Danny Murphy learned his craft from his Mom who operated the Friendly Luncheonette on West Front Street during Danny’s youth and later ran the restaurant at The Brothers where he helped make pizzas. When he opened his own place in 1969 as an Italian restaurant specializing in pasta and pizza, he spun every pie, simmered every sauce and stirred every pot. Italian fare dominated the menu for the next 25 years, when the prevalence of new Italian restaurants in the area prompted Danny to reinvent the long-established space as a steakhouse.

Danny spent more than a year researching the beef industry; learning about cattle stock, beef quality, cuts and aging, as well as finding a top supplier. With the same dedication to quality, he further expanded his menu to accommodate his clientele by adding fresh seafood and sushi.

Danny’s appeal ranges from the food, to the ambiance, to the people. The sushi is so fresh it swims to your table; the pungent aroma of the marinara sauce renders the sweetness of the tomatoes and basil. The conversation you overhear may be serious or sensational, and you can gaze at the photos of celebrities who grace the walls and always count on a friendly greeting from the staff or the patrons.

On most evenings Danny Murphy is in his element, greeting and being greeted at the Bridge Avenue restaurant that’s become as much of a Red Bank fixture as the man himself. After 38 years of continuous operation in the same location, Danny’s remains a vital part of the old neighborhood’s transformation from one of factories, warehouses and lumberyards to a destination for arts and fine dining.

Replete with character, attitude and swagger, with a heart larger than the town – Danny’s brings a smile to your face as well as your palate.